Triplax lacordairii

Triplax lacordairii - Southern oyster mu

A very rare detritivorous beetle.

  • Rarity: A scattering of sites across southern England

  • Cause of decline: Loss of suitable decaying trees.

Southern Oyster Mushroom Beetles are found at only a handful of sites in southern England. The beetles are associated with oyster mushrooms (and probably other bracket fungi) on large, old, decaying trees.

In England, it has only ever been found in the New Forest. It inhabits woodland rides and glades that are in plenty of sunshine. It has also been found in sunny areas between open grass/heathland and woodland with a scrub edge.

It is important that we explore the potential impact of foraging on this species so that we can protect it at its last remaining sites.

Species Status Report - 2019, 2018, 2014

Two areas of the Hothfield Heathland reserve, known as the ‘triangle’ and the ‘A20 corridor’ were surveyed on the 19th September 2018 by Kent Wildlife Trust and seven volunteers.

The areas were assessed by the means of a woodland habitat assessment, based on the Joint Nature Conservation Committee common standards monitoring guidance; a national standard for habitat monitoring.

Grid squares of 50m x 50m were generated based on the British National Grid system and overlain on a map of the reserve. Each square is a fixed sample location, and each was walked over by the survey team. A range of habitat attribute data were recorded against a unique reference ID for each square.