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Odontomyia hydroleon

Green Barred Colonel male (c) Ian Andrew

This bright green soldierfly is known as the Greeen Barred Colonel Hydroleon odontomyia.

  • Rarity: This species is found on a single site in the UK, which is in the Yorkshire Moors.

  • Causes of decline: Declines are caused by the loss of this species incredibly unique habitat, which is calcareous springs and seepages, which are increasingly rare in the UK and needs very specific management.

  • This species is nationally red listed in Great Britain at Critically Threatened and is a Section 41 conservation priority species.

The Species Recovery Trust has started to develop work and apply for funding to a initiate more conservation work on this important species, working with Ian Andrews from the Dipterist Forum (long-term surveyor), Forestry England (land manager) and Dr Judy Webb (Dipterist and Fen Specialist).

The Species Recovery Trust is planning to support survey work and conservation action for this species in 2024.

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