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One species of cnidarian has become extinct in England in the last 200 years. This species was only ever found in England and so it is now globally extinct.

Edwardsia ivelli (Ivell's Sea Anemone).j

Species: Edwardsia ivelli (Ivell's Sea Anemone)
Extinct: 1983
Factors leading to extinction: Changes in water quality

© Richard Ivell


Three species of dragonfly have become extinct in England in the last 200 years. Dragonflies are threatened by habitat loss and flooding.

Coenagrion scitulum (Dainty damselfly).j

Species: Coenagrion scitulum (Dainty damselfly)
Extinct: 1953
Factors leading to extinction: Flooding destroyed breeding sites

Coenagrion armatum (Norfolk damselfly).j

Species: Coenagrion armatum (Norfolk damselfly)
Extinct: 1958

© John Reinecke

© Martijn Versluijs

Oxygastra curtisii (Orange-spotted emera

Species: Oxygastra curtisii (Orange-spotted emerald)
Extinct: 1963
Factors leading to extinction: Pollution

© John Reinecke


One species of earwig has become extinct in England in the last 200 years. Earwigs are threatened by habitat loss and predation.

Labidura riparia (Tawny earwig).jpg

Species: Labidura riparia (Tawny earwig)
Extinct: c1930

© Matthieu Aubert

Lota lota (Burbot).jpg

Species: Lota lota (Burbot)
Extinct: mid-1900s
Factors leading to extinction:
Suggestions for the extinction
of Lota lota include climate
change, overfishing, pollution
and habitat destruction

© Alain Dillen


One species of fish has become extinct in England in the last 200 years.


43 species of fly have become extinct in England in the last 200 years, 10 of which are shown below

Belida angelicae.jpg

Species: Belida angelicae
Extinct: 1936

Clitellaria ephippium.JPG

Species: Clitellaria ephippium
Extinct: 1850

© John Reinecke

© Hectonichus

Crossopalpus setiger.jpg

Species: Crossopalpus setiger
Extinct: 1912

Dasypogon diadema.jpg

Species: Dasypogon diadema
Extinct: 1947

© Marko Mutanen

© Isidro Martínez

Hypoderma bovis.jpg

Species: Hypoderma bovis
Extinct: 2000

Laphria gilva.jpg

Species: Laphria gilva
Extinct: 1951

© Shaun Winterton

© Will Chatfield-Taylor

Neoitamus cothurnatus.jpg

Species: Neoitamus cothurnatus
Extinct: 1921

Ochlerotatus communis.jpg

Species: Ochlerotatus communis
Extinct: 1922

© Charley Eiseman

© Tobias Frömel

Peleteria rubescens.jpg

Species: Peleteria rubescens
Extinct: 1931

Phaonia scutellata.jpg

© James Lindsey

Species: Phaonia scutellata
Extinct: 1898

© Pietro Niolu


70 species of fungus have become extinct in England in the last 200 years, 20 of which are shown below. Fungi are threatened by habitat loss and pollution.

Clavariadelphus ligula.jpg

© Urmas Ojango

Species: Clavariadelphus ligula
Extinct: 1953
Factors leading to extinction: Habitat loss

Clavicorona pyxidata (Candelabra coral).

© Daniel Jimenez

Species: Clavicorona pyxidata (Candelabra coral)
Extinct: 1920
Factors leading to extinction: Habitat loss and degradation

Cortinarius cumatilis.jpg

Species: Cortinarius cumatilis
Extinct: 1868

Cribraria atrofusca.jpg

Species: Cribraria atrofusca

© Franck Mangin

© Daniel Jimenez

Diderma cingulatum.jpg

Species: Diderma cingulatum


Species: Gomphus clavatus (Pig’s ear)
Extinct: 1927
Factors leading to extinction: Habitat loss and degradation

© The Eumycetozoan Project, 2006

© Jim Parsons

Gyromitra gigas.jpg

Species: Gyromitra gigas
Extinct: 1916
Factors leading to extinction: Habitat loss and pollution

Hygrophorus erubescens (Blotched woodwax

Species: Hygrophorus erubescens (Blotched woodwax)
Extinct: 1877

© Jennifer Forman Orth

© Amadej Trnkoczy

Hygrophorus russula (Pinkmottle woodwax)

Species: Hygrophorus russula (Pinkmottle woodwax)
Extinct: 1903

Leptoporus mollis.jpg

Species: Leptoporus mollis
Extinct: 1957
Factors leading to extinction: Habitat loss and poor land management

© Alberto Flores Alguacil

© Amadej Trnkoczy

Lycoperdon decipiens (Steppe puffball).j

Species: Lycoperdon decipiens (Steppe puffball)
Extinct: 1923

Mycocalia duriaeana (Dune cannon).jpg

Species: Mycocalia duriaeana (Dune cannon)
Extinct: 1953

© Irene Andersson

© JJ Wuilbaut

Panellus ringens.jpg

Species: Panellus ringens
Extinct: 1887

Perenniporia medulla-panis.jpg

Species: Perenniporia medulla-panis
Extinct: 1854

© Jonathan M

© K. Günter Sturm

Pithya vulgaris.jpg

Species: Pithya vulgaris
Extinct: 1888
Factors leading to extinction: Poor land management

Puccinia asparagi (Asparagus rust).jpg

Species: Puccinia asparagi (Asparagus rust)
Extinct: 1936

© Jan Lyngby

© Petr Kokeš

Puccinia bulbocastani (Great pignut rust

Species: Puccinia bulbocastani (Great pignut rust)
Extinct: 1956

Pycnoporus cinnabarinus.jpg

Species: Pycnoporus cinnabarinus
Extinct: 1913

© Petr Kokeš

© Petri Roponen

Schizonella melanogramma.jpg

Species: Schizonella melanogramma
Extinct: 1951

© Petr Kokeš

Tricholoma aurantium (Orange knight).jpg

Species: Tricholoma aurantium (Orange knight)
Extinct: 1957

© Petri Roponen

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