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Garypus (c) Nicola Weber edited RSK.jpg

Ascension Island is small, volcanic 88 sq km island in the Atlantic ocean, with a population of roughly 880 residents, and it is a UK overseas territory. 

  • Rarity: Ascension Island has over 30 endemic invertebrates, which includes the incredible Giant Pseudoscorpion Garypus titanius (pictured - credited to Nicola Weber), which is the world's largest Pseudoscorpion. 

  • Causes of decline: Ascension Island's invertebrates are threatened by invasive plants and animals, and the destruction and degradation of their habitats. 

​Threats to the endemic invertebrates of Ascension Island, include:

  • Invasive species, including introduced plants and animals 

  • Loss and fragmentation of native habitat, the habitats on island are very unique but they are vulnerable to human pressures

  • Climate change impacts

Our Work

The Species Recovery Trust is supporting a Darwin Initiative project on the island's endemic invertebrates DPLUS135. Providing specialist invertebrate advice, conservation planning skills and increased capacity for conservation delivery. Including species monitoring and conservation on key endemics including moth Erechthias grayi (bottom left) and scaly cricket Discophallus cf. ascension  (bottom right) 

Erechthias grayi (c) Adam Sharp2.jpg
Discophallus sp. myrtleae (c) Adam Sharp.jpg
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