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Cicindela campestris

Cicindela campestris - Green Tiger Beetle_edited.jpg

     A large, bright green beetle with creamy-white spots         on its wing cases.

  • Rarity: Common, but potentially threatened by the decline in quality and extent of heathland.

Green Tiger Beetles are currently found across Britain in a range of habitats. They are not currently endangered and so are not facing an imminent risk of extinction.


We are primarily working on the conservation of this species as a result of its close relationship with the rare Heath Tiger Beetle (Cicindela sylvatica).

These two species of Tiger Beetle are often found in the same habitats. As part of our conservation work on the Heath Tiger Beetle, we have been working with volunteers to collect data on where the beetle is found and in what numbers.


When out on site, we are also encouraging volunteers to collect information about the Green Tiger Beetle so that we can make sure that numbers of this species also remain stable. 

We are also working on a captive breeding project for Green Tiger Beetles, in collaboration with Sparsholt College in Hampshire. This is a proof of a concept project, to help us develop the techniques needed to rear Tiger Beetles so that in the future we can breed Heath Tiger Beetles for reintroduction projects.

So far this has been a big success and we currently have 14 Green Tiger Beetle larvae in a purpose built enclosure at Sparsholt College. We are very excited to see if they will emerge as adults next year!

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