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PHOTO-2022-07-30-01-48-41 (1) David Horama panthalon Texas Wasp Moth.jpg

Montserrat is small mountainous Caribbean island, part of the Lesser Antilles chain, and it is a UK overseas territory. 

  • Rarity: Montserrat has approx. 243 invertebrate species endemic to the Caribbean Islands 

  • Causes of decline: Montserrat's invertebrates are threatened by invasive plants and animals, and the destruction and degradation of their habitats. 

Photo: Texas wasp moth Horama panthalon (c) David Clements

​Threats to the endemic invertebrates of Montserrat, include:

  • Invasive species, including introduced plants and animals.

  • Loss and fragmentation of native habitat, the habitats on island are very unique but they are vulnerable to human pressures.

  • Climate change impacts.

The Species Recovery Trust is supporting a Darwin Initiative project on the island's Homes for Wildlife DPLUS155, providing specialist invertebrate advice, conservation planning skills and increased capacity for conservation delivery. 


The support Includes focused monitoring and management of endemic pollinators. 

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