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Welcome to The Species Recovery Trust. We are a charity devoted to saving some of Britain’s most endangered species. 

Our Planet is poised on the edge of the sixth mass extinction

There are over nine-hundred native species in the UK which are currently classed as under threat with several hundreds more known to be in significant decline. The countryside is now bereft of many species which were a familiar sight a mere generation ago.


The primary aim of our work is to remove 50 species from the edge of extinction in the UK by the year 2050, both by targeting the species and the habitats they live in.


One of our core remits is to re-connect people with the natural world around them.


With the country’s top facilitators we deliver courses that will improve your identification skills and give you a deeper understanding of ecosystems. You'll not only get a chance to learn about nature in stunning and surprising locations with like-minded people, but you’ll also be financially supporting our vital species recovery programme.


We are aiming to recruit an army of dedicated species monitors to help us continue to look after sites where some of the UK's rarest species are found. No previous experience is needed just a keen pair of eyes and a commitment to conservation.

If you think you might be interested please check out our volunteer section for more details.

We sell a range of wonderful products such as books, prints, guides and notecards. All proceeds from our shop go towards furthering our work.

Grasses Book Cover.png

A Field Guide to Grasses, Sedges and Rushes

from £12


New Forest Cicada



Southern Oyster Mushroom Beetle



Spiked Rampion


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